A poem a day in April from Rutgers English PhD students and friends.

Monday, April 26, 2010

I Didn't Give Up, I Was Just Computerless in Bama

Catching up on posts. First, these from last week; soon, Bama-Po!

1. My Friend

You had come back to the city.
Your hair was shorter, wine-dyed.
Your manner had changed entirely.
Brassiness in the back seat.
Maybe you'd reverted to the Wilde
you were when we were kids.

Some friends you know to be in prison
because that prison has gates and guards.
Some friends you know to be in prison
because they describe the smell on the inside.
Other friends go away to prison or paradise
and you don't know where or how they are
so you conjure them grinning with green carnation
cramped in the middle of the backseat of a car.

2. Flatbush Slick

keeping an eye out
for a sky closing

to dart home



3. I Go On Reading Undetected

     for Caolan and Gaudy Night

clues and keys and clippings

"a kind of blind malevolence"

underline to solve a crime

don't want to skim a thing

4. (Untitled)

"everything came back what?
no thing
comes unremarkable
just unmarked

to the right
tennis courts
to the left green gully

this is the light
I'd've requested
this is the light
I imagined this time
last year


planes glinty
sky machines

too low thru the treetops

deep blue cloud
in shape of thought bubble

'post-rain ponderous'


  1. I saw these on your blog! and loved them. I am glad you posted them here to keep me company!

    "My Friend" is so good. and of course I love "I go on reading undetected."

  2. yes it is totally for you and Gaudy Night! I will make it official.