A poem a day in April from Rutgers English PhD students and friends.

Monday, April 5, 2010


i'm beginning to worry
about relating to people
--people i'm related to.

easter now tacitly
stripped of theology is
time for a gut check

literally as cousins
discuss ailments of
stomachs esophagi.

(in a failure of secular imagination easter is now just an illness update.)

it's a good thing i
was in a car accident
in january & can now

plausibly fake a
crick in my neck a
soreness in the cold.

grad school isn't exactly
rising from the dead.
(imagine the stories

though jesus would be
able to share w/ my
family. they'd get on.)

a gulf of understanding
opens between jesus &
joseph--poor joseph always

out in the cold--but
mary mother of god
would accept if not

understand & in any event
jesus always has the
father to talk shop w/.


  1. and he can talk to Joseph about carpentry!

    Man, comparing ailments can be fun or boring, depending, I guess, on how many ailments you have.

  2. my 17 year-old nephew has tb! that's kind of amazing.

    i suppose i could talk sports w/ my old man, but easter's always the wrong season for that.

  3. Yeah, I spose a "precocious ailment" like a 17-year-old w/ TB is worth talking about! But yeah, have totally been there! In my family it's "chronic pain."

  4. TB! Crazy!

    Actually this friend of mine was suggesting that maybe Paul had TB and I was like, "ha! that's nonsense" and it turned out this friend had non-symptomatic TB. So I guess people have it! Your nephew has it under control, right? or is it a nightmare?