A poem a day in April from Rutgers English PhD students and friends.

Friday, April 1, 2011

#1 - Out Like a Lamb

Highway 27 is slick with April,
A Jersey jet-stream flanked by
Two piquant fronts:
The Lemon Loaf fog
From the Entemman’s factory
And the jasmine perfume of the
Edison Indian restaurants.

The dentist says all four of them
Gotta go. Easy procedure, out in no time.
The assistant has gathered at least
A pint of my saliva at this point.
In exchange she offers me the small
Post-exam cup of fluoride.
Her kids’ pictures are on the wall
Which makes me think
For some reason
About the black market prices
For good saliva.
Easy procedure--out in no time,
Out before the tulips even.
I gargle and spit and watch the blue plaque
Swirl in the bowl and slide down the drain.


  1. Very nice. I had exactly that kind of day (didn't have my teeth pulled but it feels distinctly like I did). I am adopting "27 slick with April"...

  2. bringin' back the JerseyPo, Patty Two!

  3. Wait, is there really an Entemann's factory near New Brunswick? I think it's field-trip time--although that probably won't help with the dental problems.

    ha ha that assistant is going to send her kids to Rutgers on a wave of your saliva.

  4. I hear it's an Entemann's "outlet." Like, where you find cheese danishes in chocolate donut boxes.

  5. I would accept that as well. One time we found a Hostess Thrift Store and we were so excited! We thought it was going to be a wonderland of cupcakes and vintage prom dresses. But it was just a bunch of irregular Twinkies, covered in dust. It was also closed.

  6. It's a huge warehouse with a store front at the end. FIELD TRIP?

  7. I think your Hostess Thrift Store comment counts as your poem of the day, Caolan. SO POIGNANT!