A poem a day in April from Rutgers English PhD students and friends.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Address

Ladies and gentlemen of the press
It begins
And then the whole scene devolves
Down the chute
Where we're headed
The edges of the room are lined with jackals
And the front row is hyenas
And the dais is arrayed with wild dogs
And in the air over the room is a young gazelle
The discourse
Continues in a similar vein
My esteemed
Enemies vie on all sides
Gazing warily and deploying
What passes for cunning
And what falls out of the mouths of great leaders
Will land mostly cold and shrunken at the feet
And would be best stepped over
If one were to hope for the best
In such situations
And so on
In such times of absolute calamity
As well as the calamity of absolutes
We suppose
We strive
We yield
We collapse
And under the great weight
of all this, of what all this is, of what is this
And that is the measure of
The conclusion
Follows naturally


  1. This poem is kind of like the production number w/ the hyenas in The Lion King, but better!

  2. Julie Taymor certainly knows about calamity!