A poem a day in April from Rutgers English PhD students and friends.

Monday, April 11, 2011

From Paul Hughes's Check it Out

In trust,
that's my interest!
Living will that's giving money just like Christmas!
Gather round cuz you just don't want to miss this!
Mister Hughes is giving trust funds, first come first serve,
so observe the verve with which he hugs the curve
as he drives up the stock market with nary a swerve.
He's an anonymous donah, the bulls in Pamplona,
your debt is gored and the ink's flowing red.
The middle class is dead cause they're all gettin ahead
thanks to Mr. Hughes putting your paycheck to bed,
giving a TED talk on making the bread.
Yeah sure, I'm wrinkled;
the folds in my brain are the source of your gain
But I appreciate the iron cause I'm vain.


  1. this is great, especially the allusion to Ted Hughes (or was that in my head?)