A poem a day in April from Rutgers English PhD students and friends.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Your skin is like the sky tonight
kind of strange and very warm
like the sky before a storm
like this guy before I warned
him; I guess I warned him in my mind:
Oh no I don't love like that.
Oh no I don't love like that.
Then I caught and stole his hat.
Well, I stole it in my mind.
Well, a stole could make you blind
if you wanted it enough
if the mink had played it rough
so I ermined up instead
Oh no and those millionaires
Oh no and those millionaires
they come and go up crystal stairs
and I count them when I can
if I said you were the man
would you take me at my word?
Your sky is like a ball of light
and I'll toss it to the swarms
of tourists milling in the dawn
but I'll still hold it in my mind
Oh no I still have that hat


  1. totally gonna rent out the Glass Woods Tavern so you can sing this

  2. also reminds me of this great song, "Arms Like Boulders":


  3. as in, you could sing to the tune of