A poem a day in April from Rutgers English PhD students and friends.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

He Said, She Said

She said, There oughta be a law.

He said (reversing the manifesto mandate), Loose pants from now on.

She said, The better to swash in, the better to hammer and the better to swarm.

He said, When the going gets tough, get a better costume.

She said I have none I have only these skinned knees.

He said, I've been trying to say there was a mirage, it fizzled and I quit it.

She said, Sayonara suckers, we'll keep the burlap bag, kitschy glassware, mix tapes of acrylic and ball point pen.

He said, I still don't like The Future, but somehow it picked me up there and dropped me off here.

She said, The future, mon chéri, every instant we are so close.

He said, Like unrequited love I stole from your mouth.

She said, Stealing is just bad sharing.

He said, I wanna have him beat up.

She said, Wait till the honking's over, there might be something you can't hear.

He said, What did I say to you.

She said, Don't forget to wash your hands?

He said, No I wish I were a floating hatchet.

She said, Manhattan's just a moneypit for Scrooge McDucks to swim around in.

He said, Enough with the wack attack.

She said, I've always preferred the smell of stolen lilacs.


  1. She is a big bad wolfette! be careful of what she does to your pants, man.

  2. LOVE "stealing is just bad sharing"