A poem a day in April from Rutgers English PhD students and friends.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Secret

is to not worry about anything.
After you have an orals meeting have a drink.
And then another drink. And then another drink
out in the sun, and it is cold, but bright. And then
yet another drink at a bar where they were mean
two hours ago. but now give you free bread.
Where Becca & I spent a cool hundy
in June 2010. LAST SUMMER
no, for real. Topics of conversation:
1) scandals about my grandma
2) intersubjective blowjobs
3) affective labor
4) why men get more out of anal than women
5) lets guess about a sexual act
6) more prosecco please and
7) two of these guys are the same guy because they wear a pink shirt
bonus questions, so many prizes, did you remember it's spring


  1. I feel like it must be obvious that I love this but I will say it anyway! What is an intersubjective blowjob and can you explain without naming names?

  2. I posted my last comment as Paul by accident and I didn't want to take away Paul's subjectivity by posting as him so I deleted it! for I _believe_ an intersubjective blowjob is one in which both parties have a sense of what the other party is thinking or feeling? But I am not sure, as I did not make up the phrase!

  3. an intersubjective blowjob is empathy??

  4. I think it _involves_ empathy.