A poem a day in April from Rutgers English PhD students and friends.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Are you with?

[One of my few ever poems pre-NaPoWriMo '13, composed around this time of year several years ago.  It's hard to identify with the anxty self behind that 'I' now (Thank God).  Thought of it after reading Becca's "Midwestern Lament" earlier this month.]

Late at the dinner party, the lucky are at home
stepping smiling into pajamas.  They didn’t say
            anything stupid.

Someone is singing You Can’t Always Get What You Want to
            anonymous listeners.

Stand in a place where no one can wonder
            why I’m not having a good time.
How those crossed legs between legs could never be mine.

Wondering, the point of a heel through my ankle.
Leans on me to catch her balance between the split
            of a knee-length neon blue skirt.

Are you with?  Yes.  I’m I’m.  Nice to meet you.  Oh sweetie there are so
            many of us.
You will never remember.


  1. love this, especially the last stanza! what is my who's who poem??

  2. "Midwestern Lament"? :) different though in its own way

  3. oh right -- Who's Who = Important People, got it! :)

  4. Ha, thanks for clearing that up! Totally both important people. I love this too.