A poem a day in April from Rutgers English PhD students and friends.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Is ‘twin bombings’ the right name
if there were supposed to be more
than two?

Even if two,
like the other times,
why ‘twins’?

Why a terrorible birth?

People still ask me
if I am the evil twin.
Someone gave me a bumper sticker
in middle school,
confirming it.

I was mean to my sister
because I had words.
My sister was mean to me
because she had teeth.

Once, I took food from my sister
because I was trying to survive.
Now, I’d give her my right lung
if she were sprawling, gasping

There was a Lauren I knew well
who died in Newtown
and I can’t give her anything


  1. Yes! so glad you wrote a poem about this, even if it felt sad!! Do you still have that bumper sticker.

    1. Thanks, Caolan! I probably do have that bumper sticker somewhere, maybe in one of the dozens of plastic bins in my basement or my mom's. It was black with green writing. It said, "I am the evil twin" and there was an outline of an alien face next to it.