A poem a day in April from Rutgers English PhD students and friends.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pop Don't Hop

I spent all weekend in a sick funk with those flaky red patches under and around my nose

so when I finally determined to leave the house I had to put on lipstick

and a pair of huge pearl earrings, like definitely as big as the Ritz

I said, "I'm putting on these earrings for PEP" and Paul said "Don't get too much pep"

because if I got too peppy I might hop like I do sometimes when I'm getting better

and then the coughing fit could last one thousand and one nights

but it was hard to restrain the PEP because in addition to my pearl earrings there was

Kate's long silver earrings like knives

Marisa's imaginary hippie feather earrings on a pile of clean dirt

Marisa's daisy necklace

Marisa's daisy dress from Express

Kate's English garden-party partydress (with no tights! but it was so warm!)

Becca's cat dress, meow

Becca's iphone piano, plink

Kate's back-up dresses, with silver beading and who knows what

the kimono-snap onesie Krystal gave us for Margaret Ursula Maleficent

(who will be so intellectual with her elbow patches she'll just get smarter and smarter,

until the wall of thorns engulfs us all and we'll have to give her whatever she wants to put in that breast pocket)

and Brooklyn Bridge which was so iconic that I almost gave up on New York

and decided we were driving home to our townhouse in a leafy London suburb

that's how much pep I gathered, it shot me across the Atlantic

to where the gardeners are always carefully planning their hedges

to be decorative but also thorny enough to discourage little boys

from hopping in

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