A poem a day in April from Rutgers English PhD students and friends.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Nana after the Biopsy

It was nothing.
I recommend it!
Nana says in the car
On the way to dinner.

She said there would be a noise:
Like a staple.
So I’m expecting a pinch.
I hear the noise:  I feel nothing!

Now she’s braggin!
My aunt says.
She wanted to leave her bra on!
She said, can I leave it around my waist?

Yea, I’m braggin!
We did good. 
The worst is ova.
It’s just Tuesday now.

--All week long it’s
I’m not worried at all! 
Not even thinking about it!
--It’s true, it din bother me until yesterday.
--Nope, not even thinkin aboudit.

The nurse said she can wear a bra tonight;
She’s thrilled. 
--And no house work for five days.
O-Kay, I say.  Don’t mind that!

--The nurse asks ha, Any allergies?
I’m thinkin,
Don get ha started on the Zyrtec!
--She was worried I was going to tell my Zyrtec story.

--Good thing the nurse din ask,
Any problems?
--Well, there’s one sister I don’t talk to!
--Except now they’re talkin.

Oh I feel so relaxed:
What a weight off me.
--And she wan worried
At all!