A poem a day in April from Rutgers English PhD students and friends.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wrong Tone

I wrote a faux-manifesto
poem this morning.

It was pretty clever.

I changed my profile pic
and my cover photo

just before I heard the news.

Somebody probably thought
how gauche.

I didn't know.

People continued to complain
about the new timeline

as the news shuffled in.

How petty
are your grievances?

Mine too.

I "heard" the news
through a shared photo

in my feed.

I clicked through and through
until I knew

or thought I knew.

Every network's put
the word TERROR

in jagged font.

It could have been anywhere.
It is everywhere,

many are quick to admonish.

It's hard to strike the right
tone. I prefer writing

with light.


  1. I like this poem. Especially "How petty are your grievances?// Mine too." It is difficult to write at all in the wake of large scale tragedy, or loss of any kind. Even more difficult to strike the right tone! Perhaps all we can do is fail to strike the right tone. xx Light is always a good thing.

  2. Yeah, I've been struggling for the last week to write at all -- it's like, the fucked-up world is all I can think about, so it seems the only thing to write about, but then writing about it turns out to be ... really hard.