A poem a day in April from Rutgers English PhD students and friends.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

For BexK666

AOL and AIM,
Netzero and Trillian.
Angelfire and Geocities.
What’s your screen name?
C++ and HTML.  HoTMaiL.
Flashing borders and midi tunes.
Smashing Pumpkins and Ani DiFranco lyrics retooled.
Hot pink calligraphy fonts and the Pre-Raphaelites' women.
Stanzas of Wordsworth and Shakespeare and EBB.
Ladyofthelake82. Concentus. Scully107.

We got boyfriends by messenger and email before dinner
And dumped them by second period the next day.


  1. I can see it all, especially the bad fonts!!! <3 <3
    Were you Ladyofthelake82?

  2. HAHA guilty as charged! Some things never change I suppose.

  3. Ladyofthelake82! I love it. I was simply Aisling (found in a book of Celtic baby names). Should have been Morgaine84, tho