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Friday, April 4, 2014

Live on the Internet: A Diary (April 4)


  1. You did so much more with those fragments of internet-speech than I thought were possible. I love your meditation on walls and dreaming and metaphors. Brilliant. Glorious! You made meaning out of the fragments of my internet-life. I GET IT now!

  2. So glad you're still alive! I strongly believe that making similes is (like) a feminist act.

    Paul sez: I don't just LIKE this post, I LIKE A DEAD SNOW QUEEN this post.

  3. Laur K, you totally saved me, because I hadn't written my poem yet -- a perfectly-timed intervention!
    Haha, good one, Paul!
    This is reminding me of this "like" article by Stephen Burt (who will be at Rutgers on Thursday! but I'll be in Raleigh :( giving a reading :) ). Anyway here's the link:


  4. I like this, and making similes as a (like) feminist act. And Paul's comment, and Lauren's intervention, too. I like how catching up on this blog after a weekend of little Internet feel social!