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Friday, April 11, 2014

nonpoem #1

For this assignment, write a poem inspired by your understanding of the following drawing. It need not be linear, or take into account every figure in the drawing, but the poem ought to represent a story, even a failed or fragmented series of stories.

This assignment is best approached through a spiritual understanding, or an understanding of the unconscious. Try not to use the first person or lyric voice, and try to focus on alternative points of view from the one(s) you generally use.

As always, there will be no grade for this assignment. You will only get credit for doing it, and for a strong effort at revision. Unlike a math problem, the outcome of this exercise need not "show the work," but some work should go into it. Some prior students have lapsed into a gentle trance, or practiced yoga poses, as they meditate on (and mediate) the drawing below.

An alternative to this assignment is for you to sketch your own drawing, and write up your own set of instructions for your fellow poets/class-mates.

There is no extra credit, and late poems will be severely treated. We may not read them out loud.

Please limit your submission to 300 words or less. There are too many poets in the world.

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