A poem a day in April from Rutgers English PhD students and friends.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Received brain transplant. Signs of full
recovery. Old memory successfully moved
after two attempts. Chance of survival was
uncertain. Tension in room quite high.

about how new brain would receive 
old data. Sleek new brain reluctantly
accepts some flabby files. Required:
Cleanup, free up, save remotely, recycle. 
Delete forever, defragment. Win 250KB
by recommending DropBox to your Google contacts 

Internet Explorer’s looking better than ever.
Chrome’s in its element. Firefox lost some speed.
Windows Defender, PC user, Spy glass, Avast! It’s not
Google Glass but at least it’s clean. Even new computers
can have grime. Officer Pete and his Minions detected
11 sources of grime. Click Here to Get Rid of Grime
for only 19.99. 

Old Word, new world. All dressed up
but no ware to go. May not get to have her tunes
and play them, too.


  1. "It's not / Google Glass but at least it's clean." !!! loving this -- it gets better and better as it picks up steam. final stanza's steal-worthy.

    thanks for your note on my last poem; got it just before i pulled it down...

  2. at the end of XP, then what? last paragraph indeed awesome... "no ware to go." !