A poem a day in April from Rutgers English PhD students and friends.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Stand a Little Taller

strong suit
strong coffee
writing strong writing
strongly worded
strong garlic
strong person
strong woman
strung out
s(tr)ong lyrics
strong acid
strong password generator
Country strong
Boston strong
New York strong
Newtown strong
a strong handshake
strong friendship
strong relationship
strong in math
strong in her faith
strong military presence
one strong blow
stay strong
still going strong
coming on strong
Strong Men, riding horses.
a strong easterly wind
strong wrath
gimme a strong drink
a strong draft
strong and silent
a strong suspicion
a strong case
a strong sense of right and wrong
the strong willed child
made a strong impression
off to a strong start
“ “ “ “ makes you stronger

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