A poem a day in April from Rutgers English PhD students and friends.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Caught up on my RUNaPoWri

Mo reading while blow
drying my hair. It’s the lit
tle things in life that real
ly empower a girl.
                          How did I do it,
you ask? It's called an app. Lit
tle orange stamp next to the lit
tle blue stamp. (That’s Twit
ter, from last Friday. I have exact
ly one follower of my exact
ly three twits. I mean tweets.
Yeesh. It's okay, you don't have to
feel bad. I mean, about my Twit
ter. That's not why I'm tell
ing you this.
                  Today when I twee
ted a picture for the first time 
my phone made a bird sound and
I said, “Was that ME?” I was so embarr 
assed. It also chirps like crick
ets when someone is calling. It took a lit
tle while, but I soon got the hang
of it. Do you know how man
y TV shows use crick
ets to let you know that what
you are seeing takes place out
side? All of them.
                          And then
there are the real crick
ets. A few years ago the cica
das were born again and boy
was that confusing. I don't know 
if crickets and cicadas are the
same thing but it was like
people were calling me
all the time. I got to know cica
das that summer. I had to. If I had
n’t, then I might never know when someone is
really trying to reach me.)


  1. I like this whole thing & this whole voice & the nutty line chops but especially I like "It’s the lit/tle things in life that real/ly empower a girl" and lol "it was like/people were calling me/all the time."

  2. how wonderful to get to the end and realize you've been in a parenthetical since halfway through the first stanza! also: this is my kind of ecopoetics.

  3. Every reply to every question in this poem made me giggle :)