A poem a day in April from Rutgers English PhD students and friends.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I Listen to the Same CD

I listen to the same CD
over & over because my CD player is broken
& my jaw is broken and we click together
and it is a meditation
a process of endurance and then you reach
the other side and you like the CD again
no way out but through
If I had to rate the songs on Taylor Swift's
1989 I would do it gladly, were you asking?

- the ballad about the drought
- the ballad about realizing you're in love (both of these songs are just boring)
- the song about having bad blood, because it has totally unintentional domestic violence imagery
- the song about the New Romantics, which has a Scarlet Letter joke
- the song about how Taylor Swift has a red-lipped, classic thing that you like
- the song she wrote with Jack Antonoff
- the song about being out of the woods (what does it mean? you never are, Taylor. Do you think people ever are? They never are.)
- the song about Wonderland
- the Lana Del Rey ripoff
- Stay
- Welcome to New York
- the foxes song
- the demo of the song she wrote with Jack Antonoff
- the demo of Blank Space
- the demo of the foxes song
- Shake It Off
- Blank Space

I'm sure I forgot some; they probably go in the middle
This is my driving poem for 2015
no way out but through


  1. I forgot "How You Get the Girl" and "This Love" because they are each exactly the same song as at least two other songs on the album.

  2. ah I only know/like Style..but this version P: http://youtu.be/uj26D-bZ4oo