A poem a day in April from Rutgers English PhD students and friends.

Monday, April 20, 2015

nearest thoughts

and with every moment
I must have asked myself:
to what or to whom do I owe
my greatest attentions,
and since prehistory men
start from scratch and dirt
and add great generalizations
over great generalizations
in feeble account for all that
was done and said and done—
and so, I can talk and walk,
learned to breathe without thought,
and sing and try to dance,
and be won and win—
in fact I'm so good, guessing,
the greater portion of me
thrives in a way I can't know
and I can't look where I am
going chasing after you,
my one and only conception,
my attentive rays of thought and light,
my thrifty shares of such stock
as finds the skies so endless
over the endless seas' distant murmur—
then, in me is every raindrop,
by my eyes fall each leaf; gust pulled,
and every sound weighed
as much as needs may be,
guessing at my chances for trade,
for something new now,
now that I am all here again
where an empire (of thought) strikes back?
and a force is with(in) you?
and something shines in the vastness—
something glimmers in the
mind without question

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