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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Numbers (Belated Earth Day Poem)

  Remember when you said,
                   "Can you believe that gas is going to be two dollars?"
I had no idea what you meant,
                           you were so excited.
                        I didn't know what gas and                two dollars
                       to you, Pre-teen.
Backseat Driver of your mother's minivan
                        and my mother's minivan. 

All this time I've been over-thinking it.

                            You know
                           I can play number games, too.

If winter + night + ice-skating,

  (Dad's car.)

The important thing was to bring our noses
up to the blinking red number on the dash
and passionately root for a dropping

We'd say things like,
                      "Can you believe it's almost thirteen degrees?"
                                               "Come on, thirteen!"
                                "Thir-teen! Thir-teen! Thir-teen!"

                The point was:
(Saying the number, feeling the chill - )
   passing the time in order to make 
a past-           time.                                      
                     Time when 
temperature and                           gas prices 
had a different kind of purchase.

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