A poem a day in April from Rutgers English PhD students and friends.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spell for Dispelling Privilege

There was a woman from Seattle who
    totally channeled her shit
The old man being killed by a knife

rattling windows in a Chelsea studio

a little Katybird warbles

« I don’t want anything bigger;
                It’s a really old house »

is gonna wake ’em up
or in-house whispering. . . .
wakes ’em up

but the gov’t does a good job of
keeping us away from each other

How many shits are going down
In Indiana

The predecessor of the guru of the
American hero. . . .

still hangs around

ghosts on the first floor

Lee Ann went to get the Blake tarot

Alina’s heading back to the island

K’s Tarot de Marseille Francois Chosson 1736

 tell a story about three things hanging on your wall
 then pull three cards
 then set your intention

« you’re worrying about nothing »

« you have the complete world in front of you »

« but you have doubt »

Wllm Blk Trt f th Mgntn

Women of Poetry, Child of Music, XVIII Moon

« and you’re brave » 

journey from hiding to hosting to seeing

WCW’s plums, the original #sorrynotsorry

what did you take
that needs replacing

« Are you a scryer »

what powers could you 
give up

the world has changed a lot

cycles and returns
and beware

« The region that my name’s from means
God’s children »

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  1. "I’m not sure Facebook ALL CAPS YELLING
    is gonna wake ‘em up"

    ^ That. But then, you gotta start somewhere . . .