A poem a day in April from Rutgers English PhD students and friends.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Spell for a Full Moon

First book party
on a full blood moon lunar eclipse
an ancient act of poetic genius

This morning as the sun rose
blotting out the red orb
the cats chased each other madly
claws skidding on hardwood

I walked here
I was the one shouting
"Shut it!" to the murmurers
in a deep, disguised voice

M asked, "How many drinks?"
I lifted my index finger then
twirled it in circles around my ear
to say only loony

If other people's comfort keeps you
up at night
launch on the night the glow
keeps them up with you

This time ingredients
equivalent to party supplies

   however-many-buck chuck,
   white and red
   piles of cheese 
   mango salsa and a green sauce
   dad standing in the center
   in a suit jacket and Kentucky t-shirt
   while the game plays elsewhere
   watching his daughter be held up 
   and hold it up

Spell for a full moon
Spell for a lunar eclipse
Spell for a first book
Spell for a big win
Spell to calm the cats


The spotlight
came down from the sky

Launched lamp
she made her ellipse

"When the party ends I will still
be here with you, lips stained with pop"

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