A poem a day in April from Rutgers English PhD students and friends.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spell for Lucky Lineage

Do you two know each other?

Sort of … I was at the conference in Oakland … Hi, I’m Becca.

Weren’t you also in Chicago?

I wasn’t sure if you would remember that.

What I remember is that place I stayed in, that huge place.

Oh yes, the Presidential Suites.

I associate you with that place.

It is a lot of room for one person.

I don’t know why I was staying there.

I think you were staying there because it was free—we put all the writers there.

How’s David?

He’s good I think—last I saw, on Facebook, his face and a line of his poetry were on a banner in West Hollywood. Oh, and he said he’s just finished his New York book. A more New York book, I guess?

Did he ever get together with anyone after he broke up with Ira?

I don’t think so—erica, did he? No, I guess not. Didn’t he move to New York to study with you at Brooklyn College?

I don’t know … I think I had him as a student when I was substituting for Allen.

Huh. I thought you were his professor for some reason.

I interviewed for that job.

The substitute job?

No, Allen’s job when he left. He encouraged me to, he would try to get me to put myself out there.

Would that have broken your vow to never be anything but a poet?

No, because some jobs were different then. You didn’t have to do much.

Like, committee work?

No, like worship the fucking academy! It was a nice job, teaching once a week, and medical insurance.

You could just come and go.

Which some people can do now, but they don’t get paid.


365 5th Avenue, New York, NY


  1. Was this after this?! http://centerforthehumanities.org/program/alice-notley-conversation-erica-kaufman

  2. If I had this conversation, I feel like I would want to write a poem about it, too. The degrees of interest the interlocutor shows is so familiar... I can feel the clouds of disappointment closing in, the more I identify with the conversation...

  3. hehe don't worry, Lauren, I was totally amused by the conversation and my divulgences of superfandom aka scholarship: :)

  4. "superfandom aka scholarship: :)" double :) :)