A poem a day in April from Rutgers English PhD students and friends.

Monday, April 13, 2015

until the beat is through

you can't ever think 
his words true and for you,
the poet; his aims are as puny as "him"
or they are made from everywhere around you.  

so make him yourself,
like a quantum particle here and there
all at once see both where he is and going,
honor the uncertainty principle, entangle the affairs. 

then you don't say he or the moment
or even direction—the intensity unlike speed
but a branching-out with all good intentions building;
unlike height, scope; strength, hope; power, faith; value, virtue. 

because nothing is unless something
isn't, right? a matter of falsifiability at heart,
the thing in question in twain, unimaginable otherwise—
all the poetry, the conversation, the nay and the yay, in loving duty. 

(and thinking itself, a metaphor—made for itself;
what ever actually happens, beyond (the) thought. 
compare the orange to the apple, we talk about fruits; 
the words to the world, peas in a pod please and say "perhaps", reflection is the real)

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