A poem a day in April from Rutgers English PhD students and friends.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

what does it mean that you ask ever?
that you make a request of (your) love?
is not life and death one coin tossed through this worldly air?;
so long as we are alive our love is,
so long as we can speak it true—
but how many walk this earth with sleepy heart?
and how many soar, shining bright—
so don't you know by now the poet's trick?
if he can tuck you in himself, safe and sound,
he'll wake you, too, with blazing light.


  1. I nominate you!
    Accuse me,
    Splatter me across the page—
    Cause the every sound to meet its timely end

    n' spit

    as long as it's you

  2. we're on different pages now,
    different books—
    but the volume's always the same:

    spring is here now
    and that's too abstract
    it will make the rains come

    and I'm ready to move on to
    tomorrow, you know what you want
    and I cannot stop you

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  4. Hope no one minds my making up missed days! I'll keep them as comments. (caught up)

  5. Not at all! Do it whatever way works for you (I'm sure no one would mind if you created extra posts).

  6. Extra posts encouraged! Everyone is allowed 31 posts per year (bc sometimes we want to do a metapost/sometimes we count wrong).

  7. The seasons are totally abstract. Especially Spring. - Love the playfulness of "n'chwmrghtp"!