A poem a day in April from Rutgers English PhD students and friends.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

20 Questions

What’s my name? Are you from a movie
Are you an animal, are you a pretend person,
are you a dog, what color is your fur
Is your friend Doug, are you a rugrat
Are you from a book, do you wear a hat
What’s my name, I divedI have a baby, this is my head
At the restaurant a polite inquiry produces terrible news
sad family news, I am eating these fresh-tasting pickles
Maybe you call them bread-and-butter pickles
Jane has a purple crayon What are YOU?
On the other hand she only has what you had,
so that’s nothing to worry about
I am looking down & eating those fresh-tasting pickles
and looking at your scar and remembering the examining room
and the doctor saying well a biopsy, it’s like a table of contents
not a whole book 
Are you from a book
I am looking up from my phone
hashtag fitfam hashtag blessedAre you a pretend person
Am I, I have a baby, this is my
nothing to worry about, the smart thing
as everyone knows is to stop asking questions

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