A poem a day in April from Rutgers English PhD students and friends.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

All Famous Men

I did mean it, all famous men. 
I did mean power.
I don't know about the gold dress, the budget, I would say
I don't know, something is rotten, something is sound
I didn't mean, like, unfamous people were so great either
The weirdness of expecting to get a moral president, for example
Maybe that makes me part of the problem
I did realize, driving, that of course if someone were like hi do you want any job I would probably pick movie star because of being Dressed By and of pretending to be someone else on a chaise longue and of perfect fake tears and of spending all day by/in the pool with arches and a palm tree
I went over the bridge and thought, oh but I wouldn't be able to eat anything so
yeah that definitely makes me part of the problem
it wouldn't hurt you to admit some of the many thousands of ways in which you are part of the problem though
I'll start my diet on MONDAY
no seriously I probably will 

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