A poem a day in April from Rutgers English PhD students and friends.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Tell Your Mother

Save up anything you eat, see, or are told, including but not limited to
eggs with hollandaise sauce but also avocado, chocolate brioche on the side
a dress with a box-pleated overskirt in a stiff organza
your best friend's bad date 
a review by GB Shaw comparing the acting styles of Eleonora Duse & Sarah Bernhardt
a bag of those little plastic Plackers that make flossing easier
mortgage rates in Brooklyn
little chocolate-chip muffins served with fresh strawberry butter
a recipe for sugar-free banana oat muffins for toddlers
a little corduroy riding habit for a toddler, w/ matching hat
fabulous greeting cards collaged from vintage wallpapers
a video game about William Morris
a TV special where all these classic Shakespearean actors like Ian McKellan are 21 and they're learning how to be better at Shakespeare
how Donald Trump is just a pig
corn chowder with jalapeno and cream
oatmeal with whiskey and cream (the alcohol burns off)
a cat cafe, so pretentious
your friend got another job she is totally not qualified for
how much money actual rich people actually make
a kelly green linen dress with knife pleats and a peplum
open-toed slingback shoes with a pointy sole and Minnie Mouse bows 
this street installation that is basically just a series of cascading lights that look kind of like water
you got to go to the dress rehearsal of your friend's play and they made the theater into a camera obscura and the director was into this really minimalist style of acting
there's a genre of movie called mumblecore and your friend was an extra in one
your other friend is thinking about having a baby but she has a very demanding career
a watermelon salad with feta and orzo and mint
actually fat is good for you because it keeps you full and helps you absorb nutrients
a good straw hat for the summer
table runners made of butcher paper decorated with potato stamps
all these bird stencils in different colors just around the windowsill
your rich friend's unbelievable kitchen
but if we had that money imagine what our kitchen would look like
a classic cucumber sandwich; a crostini with sweet potato and boursin; another one with cheddar, fresh apple, and fig
a little dish that lets you make poached eggs in the microwave
fruit-fly traps
these big pastel shirts that look shapeless but are actually very well-cut
kind of a sailor outfit but a little more grown-up
you wouldn't call them palazzo pants exactly but they're wide-legged, kind of high-waisted? they look amazing on her because she's so willowy. with like a kind of goofy 50s print
longer in the front than the back, and I asked him to take a razor to the sides, and then he cut little windows for the streaks to show through
just a little bit crispy
more like an American scone 

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