A poem a day in April from Rutgers English PhD students and friends.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Courtney Love/Hillary Clinton/Amy Schumer
OK wow they're all blonde white women
& so are the patron saints of frigid bitches (Taylor; Queen Elsa; well I guess Molly Ringwald's a redhead)
The resistance we accept from blue eyes, or the resistance we recognize:
Let it go the mirror image of lean in
Let it go as opting out as
Leaning in so far that you circle back
to like Hillary texting in sunglasses
I tweeted my Hillary chart to Sady Doyle who wrote a book called Trainwreck
She liked it but didn't RT
Kick-ass girls don't have to be blonde
so long as they're violent
On TV Amy Schumer is doing a dance routine surrounded by Knicks cheerleaders
& Bill Heder is tearing up, it's like he's actually a really good actor?
But I'm remembering that Milk Milk Lemonade video, wtf was that
Is this like a visual reference to that
Or to Shake It Off
Or did she just figure she might as well use a routine she'd already learned
Amy Schumer's resistance is Sluttiness but also Redemption from Sluttiness
which is not resistance
Judd Apatow is so Victorian
taming everyone with his marriage plots
Did you know it's Queer to have a baby now
On Daniel Tiger this morning Katerina Kittycat was pretending to be the engineer and Daniel was growling in frustration
When he finally expressed himself, that he wanted to be the engineer, she was like, oh, of course, I will retreat to the caboose, what a funny word
Bernie and Hillary embarrassing themselves on the subway, I don't know
That famous crash where Dickens almost lost his manuscript
And everyone died
This poem is going nowhere, just like national politics lol, no I'm serious
Avert your eyes
I mean dive in

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