A poem a day in April from Rutgers English PhD students and friends.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

#3 - This is one of those titles

That carries through to the next line,
The kind that makes it hard to read aloud
Without explaining the fact,
Without explaining just how gushing and disobedient the poetic structure is.

That’s the name of my poem.
And it will be delivered in an earnest, breathy voice,
The kind that makes it hard to hear out loud
Without wondering
Why the poet is speaking
In an earnest, breathy voice.

And it will circulate widely,
If not to Ploughshares
Then at least to The Pittsburgh Quarterly,
The kind of home it always wanted:
In the Allegheny sun,
Nestled in the warm steel scaffolding
Of an urban renewal project,
Without a thought in its head.


  1. Becca -- How do you format italics?

  2. I am not Becca, but I can tell you that there are all MS Word-type formatting things above the area where you type your poem. So you should be able to highlight something and click on the italic I. Is that what you mean?

    I laughed out loud at PRAXIS MOTHER FUCKERS!

  3. Ah! Thank you Caolan! (How did I miss that? Jeez.)

  4. Okay too late to give practical advice, but not too late to say that if he keeps this up, I think Patrick will have a submittable chapbook by the end of this. I heart secret poets coming out of the closet for NaPoWriMo!

  5. Yeah, we have no reason to believe Patty Two Stacks does not _already_ have a chapbook stacked under some of his home-brewed beers. In one or both of the two stacks.

  6. Caolan I think you've uncovered the mystery of the two stacks! One stack of beer, another stack of WORDS.

  7. more formatting: &nbsp ; (w/o a break between the &nbsp and the ;) will create space on a line.

    there probably aren't enough poems w/ "motherfuckers" in the title, but i think caolan & becca might be able to say otherwise.