A poem a day in April from Rutgers English PhD students and friends.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

"you have a *blog!*"

i will tell you my old blogger password:

(but, first, let me make sure it is my old blogger password.)

... ok:


given, not chosen, but it became
in a manner of speaking my madeleine

(there is no little temptation to reference tzara here
--hi patrick! hi becca!--
for not a little "killing" went on,
of the music industry.


... that is to say, it became my madeleine b/c once recalling the "taste" of it--
not to be confused w/ a "moussepie";
someone else's password i'm sure

--"immediately the old grey house upon the street &c. &c."
(trans. moncrief, probably.)

say, what exactly do you think is in a "moosepie" anyway?

i mean, besides "moos."


  1. Antlers! DADAjuice!

    You're catching up!

    Nice fancy formatting -- it is a feat in Blogger!

  2. Mm... -history- is in a moosepie. ??

  3. Is that the gastro-intestinal dialectic sort of history?