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Saturday, April 3, 2010

an idea for a cafepress t

i've blogged for ten years.
all i've got to show for it:
a gmail account.


  1. true story! i was one of the privileged few who had a v. early gmail account--no first initials or periods needed in *my* username--b/c of the fact that i had gotten in on the groundfloor w/ blogger.

  2. Periods are irrelevant in gmail!

    Still, you should buy yourself that tshirt.

  3. I was pretty impressed when I saw you had solinger@! But then again, I know somebody who has gravity@, and he still wins.

  4. right, was it you, caolan, i had that conversation w/ w/ r/ t/ a prospie's gmail address?

  5. I don't think so. But gmail has certainly made it easier for us to guess e-mail addresses & thus e-mail people we are stalking.

    But someone stalking you would certainly get that old schlub, fredsolinger@gmail.com. Unless that's your dad, in which case maybe I shouldn't call him an old schlub.

  6. well, fsolinger@gmail.com is now my father! it's already happened that he's gotten two, um, "pieces of mail" intended for me (my hotmail address was fsolinger). i, on the other hand, have gotten any number of messages for one "scott olinger."