A poem a day in April from Rutgers English PhD students and friends.

Monday, April 30, 2012

going outside

in the bathroom: the police
and the multi-plot novel,
and roach spray
under every surface.
which is itself a surface.
there is no outside this,
no outside-language,
no outside-surface
and let's argue that the world
is continually remaking itself
as a bathroom, where we
continually remake ourselves
(purge drench exfoliate curl)
and where the comb is always
hidden behind a lightbulb
eureka! I'm convinced!
No, but on the street
the wind remaking me red
and healthy in the face
Dawn said imagine the possibilities
if we got outside this
if we stopped playing by their rules
and I said I want to play by their rules
but I should have said
there's no getting outside their rules
but is that true. can you
is it just cowardice
across the street a gerbera daisy
red as a lollipop
represented retreat
but I think I meant make your own
rules and you become them
you're like a gold bathroom or something
my answer is usually to close the door
and forget whatever horrors are filling up the sink
and whatever good odors like grapefruit soap
and sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep

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