A poem a day in April from Rutgers English PhD students and friends.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

make-up poem

grey eyeliner
iridescent lilac eyeshadow
bright cerulean blue mascara
coral matte lipstick
      that when you put it on, the surface of your lip
      is so soft so smooth but dry
      like the thin soft skin of a breast or wrist

I never saw her wear any of these
Only ever lipsticks that were 
Not red not pink not coral,
Not purple or brown, but maybe a little bit of both
The color of my mom's lips, that's all

Did she wear them to that hippie disco 
Where she and my dad danced before I was born?
Or out on bad dates?
Or just in front of the bathroom mirror,
Like I did when I found them,
The lilac eyeshadow matching my new spaghetti-strap top she bought me
After I explained I could just wear it under stuff


  1. I love this poem! like the Mad Men poem it's moving and entertaining and so interesting. I love this variety of makeup. I love "After I explained I could just wear it under stuff"

  2. What Caolan said. I feel like I'm getting to know your mom a little bit. There's something so familiar here.