A poem a day in April from Rutgers English PhD students and friends.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spell for Friday Night

Waiting at 14th Street forever
because no trains at 23rd, it's
the weekend, it got warm today
there's reception in the station
but I just wanna listen to music
and as soon as "Both Sides Now"
cover kicks on the A train pulls
into the station that's magic.
"I broke you out of AWP Jail!"
I yelled and "You're a secret
comedy couple!!" I yelled and
the host said no one had told
him "You're the best" all night
until she did so when you hear
"it's the little things" and you
think you're bigger than that
just remember it's the little 
things. There's a way home.
I waited and then I found it.
I didn't write a spell tonight 
but I finally made it out into
the city and all our hairs were
frizzy and winter was over 
maybe finally again.


  1. There was magic without a spell! As Jane H might say, sometimes you do what you want done, and there's just a ritual with no spell. Or maybe you just do, and there's no ritual or spell, but just magic because "winter was over/ maybe finally again"

  2. Jane H! Mimi W! These are the scholars I need.

  3. This poem gave me (good) shivers

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