A poem a day in April from Rutgers English PhD students and friends.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spell for Health of a Heroine

the consumptive type in novels maybe
   (I have been her kind)
but I’m thinking more like
   girl with guitar
who made your mother
   fully human when you raided
her record crate

   let six tomatoes dry in the sun
   take a pinch of every condiment in the fridge door that hasn’t turned
   do a headstand or imagining is just as good
   refresh your feed six times then chant the first six words of the top post six times

brings health to those who’ve healed us

find a star
lacking that
a satellite
lacking that
close your eyes

the only way out is in
rule of breath & water
& sad songs that burn
beside you till one day
you get up from that rock

The Lovers (VI): the myths are gone, and in their place a pink geometry

Opening Bulfinch’s Myths of Greece & Rome I found a hot pink brochure from the long-closed feminist bookstore

“… rising up … returning …”

notes from the art museum, names of works plus

“you won’t know which one till you’ve been to them all”

ticket stubs and the itinerary I’d changed twelve years ago so we’d have six more days of summer before I flew back to LA— (I just got back from LA)


Anything can become a myth

Anyone can become a heroine

“To her health”


  1. Amazing! Will try it! Get well, Joni. Get well, all of us heroines.

  2. spells!! yes!!! also, my <3 is with joni.