A poem a day in April from Rutgers English PhD students and friends.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Try Not to Get Worried

On Holy Thursday it is mean to fool
that was five years ago
& I was right, of course, but also
did I mention it was customary
you know, to kiss and tell.

You're in good company
on Fooly Thursday. I mean bad.
 I mean we've only read The Book
of Lloyd Webber so like
that's our family's guide to Holy Week

& so like #tbt, except it's Wednesday
& Jane loves money, also spikenard
try not, she calls out, pumping her legs
on the changing table try not LOTION

so I anoint her. Fool me twice, I feel OK.
I sing what I've sung every day.
This year was fucking cruel
& it's cruel work, feeling OK
trying not and trying not

(when all the precedent for false alarm
is gone, knowing the first shoe dropped)

but just forget that. Someone's
going to fool you. Let them.
Pour out your libation, every drop
& roll your dear ones in it

try not to listen try to write
and/or to sleep well tonight and
if it's the sleep of the dead, you know
they're fooling too, sometimes


  1. What a fantastic web of references to JCSS, Holy Week, April Fool's Day, and your everyday.. !!!

  2. Year Six! Hooray for still being alive and for poetry. Also tell Jane to check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ge0llqqeLU

  3. With your libations and Becca's myths, I'm feeling good magic even though/also because "& it's cruel work, feeling OK"

  4. now that song is in my head for the next 48 hours. (used to play that soundtrack "on loop"...) (in quotes, because "on loop" had not been invented yet.)