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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Spell for the Perfect Soundtrack

Everybody else seems to just throw away their CDs after burning them onto external hard drives, so I guess maybe this deliberation is kind of retro, but since we’ve decided to divide the collection I wanted to make a case for why I should get to keep Sweater Weather’s What Changed Us. First because it was a gift, and even though I suspect it was the kind of gift that is secretly a gift for the gift-giver (you), ultimately I think I came to love it best. I remember it as a spring album, which seems funny since “sweater weather” usually means fall. But spring requires just as many layers. And there’s something in the lilt and ease of, say, “Takeoff,” that feels springish to me. Second, because you’re keeping the Yo La Tengo, which seems like a good way to divide the sweaters, so to speak. Third, because of the lyric, “Let me put down this broken crown,” which was really useful when I was feeling sorry for myself. I remember we’d take those miles-long walks to record stores in all the cities we lived in. It didn’t matter where it was, you’d always storm off a couple blocks before we got there, and then I’d go chasing you around. I’ll take the blame for (most) street scenes if we’re dividing those up. But if I could have a reel with all those clips on it, this would be the soundtrack.

(for the Fake Album Covers book project)

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